Best websites for blogging 2022: Free and paid blogs

In recent years, the free blogging websites have gone a long way to build a professional blog. To share hobbies, express views and establish an online presence. The blogs are more easy than ever before.

The free blogging sites are intend for hobby bloggers. Blogs are develop and administer online also held on the own servers of the blogging platform. If you are interest in creating a self-hosting blog. WordPress is a fantastic download version. Offering entire freedom, support for third party plugins and as much storage as possible for your hosting scheme.

If you would want an online diary rather than a static website. Look at our guide to the top free website builders.

best website for blogging

If you can, our recommendation is to get rid of free blogging platforms. Since this is not always a smart choice for most people. We prepared a list of the finest blogging sites out there, though, if you still want to proceed.

Make the next level of your blog with Wix – a leading website developer.

While free blogging web sites are limit, Wix allows you to freely build a blog and to provide premium solutions. Plans for the Combo plan start at just $8.50 a month. Which gives you 3GB of storage space, a free domain or free SSL. View \sDeal

Build a well-published WordPress blog – a self-publishing platform

You can do everything on Whether you want to publish your ideas, start up a business, or manage a store. You may test the premium packages free of charge or try them out. Plans begin with £3 a month, which includes one year’s best-in-class hosting and free domain. View \sDeal

Create with Blogger a unique and lovely free blog

Start your blog now with the American Content Management System (CMS) that provides time stamped posts for multi user blogs. Whether you want to share your information, experiences or news, build a distinctive, attractive blog with Blogger for free. Deal View.

Wix makes it easy to build your blog quickly and you can do much more (Image credit: Wix)

 1.Get strong blog building features and much more to boot

Why to purchase +

Editor + Very intuitive

Spades Flexibility +

You gain much more than establishing a blog.

Wix provides a choice of pay-for-subscription programmes but also a free offer, even if there are certain safeguards. With the free package, your website is marked as Wix. You will be limited to 500MB of data transmission per month. Also, you only have 500MB of storage, so remember it.

Aside from those restrictions, you are free to create a blog with an infinite number of pages, and Wix truly distinguishes itself with its amazing blog capabilities. The editor is basic, but you have access to everything you need – from image galleries to videos and music – and there are several options to modify a post.

You can also plan posts and touches like to be able to set things up so that posts are automatically moved to FaceBook when they are posted. When they are posted there is a lot of freedom. For example, Wix Bookings offers clients the opportunity to organise appointments and lessons directly on your website.

In addition to that, you get the remainder of what this website building company offers apart from the blog support. Wix really is convincing. This includes using the ADI editor of Wix, which will request some basic information about what type of site you want and features you want and produces something in this line quickly. Of course, for beginners, this is an outstanding feature.

There is also very varied support for numerous media kinds and great customer support for startup (yes, even on the free plan). The Wix Turbo function is also available, thereby significantly improving website speed and performance.

The bandwidth and data restrictions do not appear to be a hefty set of constraints when you consider what you are getting for nothing. And, if you wish to be freed from them in the longer term, you may always upgrade later.

Try it out on the internet: Wix

A WordPress blog can be self-host or created online and hosted by (Photo courtesy of WordPress) 

WordPress is number two.

There are advance features, plugins, and a vast storage space to choose from.

Reasons to buy +Extensive personalization options+Analytics that are useful+An official support team

WordPress is a fantastic platform for blogs of any size and bloggers of all levels of expertise. It’s powerful and very configurable.

A simple wizard leads you through the process of selecting a name and a suitable theme for your first blog. You may leave it there and start writing articles right away, but the more complex editor is where the real fun is, since it allows you to personalise practically every element of your blog’s layout.

WordPress, unlike some other blogging platforms, isn’t a drag-and-drop affair, so you’ll have to get use to its menu structure. It is, however, well worth the effort because it allows you to create something truly unique. You may also use the editor to construct static pages, such as a writer’s biography.

The post-writing interface is similar to that of a standard desktop word processor (albeit certain options are given in a toolbar at the top and some in a side menu, which can be confusing at first). Advanced features like as configurable social media sharing buttons, geotagging, and the option to choose a custom layout for individual posts reward effort invested getting to know the interface.

You could wish to make a photo gallery at times, while at other times, a more text-oriented design might be more appropriate. The HTML source may also be seen and edit.

WordPress allows you to watch your blog’s data over time, including page views, visitors, likes, and comments. You can also see how visitors arrive at your site. What material they visit, and where they are in the globe. All of which is helpful in tailoring your content to their needs.

With an address in the type, your site is host on WordPress servers. The free service doesn’t include email or live chat assistance, but the WordPress community forums are quite busy, and issues are frequently handle within minutes. Privacy protection is also free for sites. WordPress puts advertisements on free blogs, but if you can live with it, it’s a fantastic free blogging platform.

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