How to start a blog to earn money online | Beginner bloggers | Guide |

How to start a blog to earn money online | Beginner bloggers | Guide |

In today’s time, every person wants to earn money online and this is also the dream of every person. Today, its trend is increasing and many people are moving towards earning money online. This is because there is no limit to earning money. People are making more and more money by doing less work in internet business and it includes many more things like lots of money, a pleasant lifestyle and luxury cars. Online business helps you to transform your lifestyle into a luxury lifestyle. With the advice and opinion of online gurus who have been working in online business for many years and making good money, we have been able to tell you this.

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Many people consider it false. But it is true. With internet marketing, you can get everything that you cannot achieve by doing a traditional job. That’s why most people want to start an online business. 

These days, blogging is the easiest way to start an online business. Many people in online marketing are making a lot of money by blogging. However, most people do not agree with this and they consider it a lie. There are many examples of the lives of such people online. Those who are making money by doing business online.

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To earn money from a blog, you have to choose a niche and you should have a good knowledge of that niche. Because you have to publish your article by staying inside that niche. If you are successful in doing this, then it becomes easy for you to earn money from blogging. Just now you need to continuously publish articles in your blog and be consistent. By doing this you will be able to succeed in blogging soon and start a good online business. 

How can we start our blog?

This is the kind of question that new people have to face in the initial phase and this question is also more popular on the Internet. We will give you the following guidance through our website so that you can get the answer to this question and help you in starting a good online business.

  1.  You have to buy a Domain and a Hosting: Here we will tell you that no system cannot be started without investing, so you need to invest a little bit so that you can buy a Domain and a very important Hosting. | 

As we said, you have to invest in a Domain and hosting. When you have researched the niche you have chosen or you choose a niche with which you want to start your blog. Our advice is that you should buy that is best for online blogging.

how to Start a wordpress blog

 a Domain name with a niche after buying a Domain with a niche name, you need to buy a hosting plan. There are a lot of hosting providers available in the online business. You can also buy hosting plans from When purchasing a hosting plan, keep in mind that the hosting provider provides the WordPress installation.

  1. Now install WordPress from the Cpanel of the hosting. All hosting comes with a beautiful and elegant panel. In which you can install WordPress with few clicks. You can also resort to videos of Demu or YouTube to do a WordPress installation. Which will help you to install WordPress on your Domain? 
  1. Install a theme as per your wish – We recommend that you install a theme according to your niche. For this you can also search in Google, you can search with the word “Niche Keywords + Free WordPress Theme”. Where you will get more than 1000 free themes. You are free to choose any of them and you can install it. It is very easy to install, it will take you less than 2 minutes to install it. Now you can learn it from WordPress’s instruction show.
  1.  Install Important and Basic Plugins – WordPress comes with lots of free plugins. Where you can use thousands of plugins for free. There are some useful plug-ins available here which are paid. But you can start your blog with basic and free plugins. Free plugins include plugins such as contact intake, Akismet, etc. 
  1.  Write and publish articles first – when your installation of WordPress is complete. Then write your first post as per convenience and publish it on your blog. When you publish your first post on your blog, do not forget to submit it on all bookmark sites.

Setting up and maintaining a blog is very easy but monetizing with blogging is a tricky part of it, which we will discuss in a later article.

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